Nestlé Gold

MYSTERY is a Capsules Dispenser for Nesperesso

Mystery is an iconique organized family dispenser that is both beautiful and has a high level of functionality. An object that as simple as Nespresso logo. 

CROWN is a Chocolate Bite for Nestlé Gold

The first royal Spanish exquisite drink was inspired by cocoa beans. Today, Nestle Gold invites you to discover this voyage through a chocolate.

FLOWER POWER is a Flower Vase

The main idea of this project is to design a vase that has a magic to change the colors of the flowers. By using this vase, users can come up with numerous of different results which are depend on their experiments.

Flowers have been valued for thousands of years. As a source of fragrance, a gift, a decoration or just a pick-me-up, flowers have a place in every part of our lives. Flowers have always been associated with special occasions and there are traditional flowers for most.

The design includes only 50 anodized aluminum tubes on a corian black base with 100 holes to give the user more exiting and be part of this experiment to change the arrangement every time and see new result every time.

This is an experiment shows the flowers reaction toward colors before and after. Pivoine flower has strong reaction to colors, and it has a very nice effect especially with mixing colors on the same flower. The colors appear faster on Pivoine rather than other flowers.


FIREWORKS is a Champagne Cart for Kempinski

The designed champagne cart is inspired by fireworks. The unique shape of the cart gives the impression of surprising to the viewers. So, the Fireworks Champagne Cart meet the needs of five star hotel such as Kempinski.

Fireworks champagne cart is characterized by twenty eight tubes with different heights. The shape is designed as such to keep sparkling glasses and bottles desirable during its consumption. Clarity is important, as the visual enjoyment of the bottle and glasses is an important aspect of champagne cart.

Functionally, Double wall movable pockets are designed to hold the bottles. Gel ice pack cooler helps keep bottle cool and fresh for hours which can cool the it in 5 minutes, and re-usable.

The aesthetically pleasing results of anodizing combined with the functional benefits of increased durability offer a unique design for the cart. 

The unique anodized finish is the only one in the metals industry that satisfies each of the factors that must be considered when selecting a high performance aluminum finish which are durability, color stability, ease of maintenance, aesthetics, cost, and health & safety.



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Flower Power
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